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San Diego FCA Leadership Board

 1.  To work with FCA Director to increase his capacity to lead the work of FCA.
 2. To help ensure the spiritual, program, and financial integrity of the ministry.
 3. To invite potential donors & volunteers to get involved in the ministry.
 4. To provide Godly counsel to the staff.

 1. I will pray for the ministry.
 2. I will attend monthly board meetings.
 3. I will grow in my walk with Christ and accept the FCA Statement of Faith.
 4. I will reply in a timely manner (48 hours) to all board communications.

 1. Participate in adopt-a-staff program.
 2. Serve on a committee.
 3. Attend a camp, clinic, or huddle meeting.
 4. Give or raise $10,000 annually.






To fill out our San Diego FCA Leadership Board
Application Form.

San Diego Leadership Board

Nicole Ginsburg
 Carlsbad, CA

Benji Horning, Board Pastor

 Encinitas, CA

Ed Larson
 Encinitas, CA

Patty Scott
Cardiff by the Sea

 Brian Underwood
 El Cajon