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Kansas City Lesson #5: Just Me and God

    When’s the last time you unplugged?  No phone, facebook, tv, whatever.  When’s the last time you just stopped and spent some time with God?  Do you feel naked without your phone and all the instant everything at our fingertips?  Does it feel weird if someone can’t get a hold of you for an hour?  These are questions that were asked of me during one of our sessions in Kansas City last week.  On Tuesday we were told to go and spend an hour praying for our ministry, ourselves and spend some time reflecting about how we could advance FCA back home.  We were asked, when’s the last time you truly unplugged and did this?  We stared slack jawed and embarrassed as most of us answered, I don’t know.

    Sad huh?  Here we are as ministry leaders so consumed with the ministry that we’re not stopping, unplugging and sitting, just me and God.  FCA staff are probably the worst when it comes to our addiction to our smart phones.  We don’t have a home office and we’re always in our cars getting and making phone calls, checking e-mails and going to coffee shops for meetings.  Talk about feeling convicted.  I try to get into the Word everyday and pray, but my phone is right by me buzzing during it and e-mails are coming in on my laptop on the other side of me.  That’s not being one on one with God. 

    At the end of our hour, many of us felt refreshed and strangely, rested.  So when’s the last time you unplugged?  When have you truly stopped and done nothing else?  I was reading a reference to the great Martin Luther yesterday that he committed an hour every day to prayer and time alone with God.  When asked what he did upon his busiest days, he stated that he would then pray for 3 hours because he needed the Lord more than ever on those days.  What a faith and belief.

    I know this is treading dangerously close to what I already wrote in my Morning Glory blog about setting aside time for God every day.  My point is that I was setting aside time most days, but not unplugging and setting potential distractions aside.  For me, that’s the difference.  Just last night, I went fishing for a couple of hours by myself.  I didn’t pay much attention to my phone and truly enjoyed the peace and beauty of fishing but not catching.  Normally, as a fisherman, we’re not fond of evenings like this, but to be honest, it was just nice to unplug.

    When you don’t think you have the time to unplug, that’s probably when you need it most.  Martin Luther left us with many incredible insights into faith and the church, but for me, when things got hectic and he prayed more, is the most beneficial for me.  We live in an era of instant updates but believe it or not, the world existed and worked well before twitter and facebook.  So take some time this weekend and unplug by yourself or with your family.  You won’t regret it and frankly, you won’t miss out on finding out where some of your friends are eating lunch that day.

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1. xujefpvzkr wrote:
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Sun, October 2, 2011 @ 1:14 AM

2. Sandy wrote:
I do not depend or need faoecbok, but I do enjoy having it. To me it is like the coffee shop or restaurant that everyone sits around at socializing about random things. Is it bad for this day and age? Not for this time, but I believe it will lessen the value on personal interaction with people; because it has already done so. I could talk social media all day, because I feel like I have been around enough to do so. LOL Not only in the past years have I had many blogs and different social media accounts, but I used them to purge everything inside of me out, and then when nothing was left but new beginnings, I purged the social media; except.. faoecbok. Could I walk away from it for 30 days?? Absolutely. However, I do not feel I need too. I walked away from my blogging for a long time and only occasionally bust out a post, which is cool for me, but your right about something. How real are the relationships that we create with people online? Blogging has taught me a lot about online friendships and how if you are not on their page constantly, you are easily forgotten about. Ah hell, I could go on all day, but I will step off the box here. Have a great day!

Fri, August 31, 2012 @ 2:45 AM

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